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1 HP Solar Water Pump

Consider our name, if looking for high-class array of 1 HP Solar Water Pumps! Made from quality-tested material and advanced tools and techniques, our HP Solar Water Pumps are of unmatched standards.



(a) 5 nos of high voltage solar panels of 250W each, Made from first grade polycrystalline solar cells, size of panel about 1.5 mt x 1 mt. Every Solar panel is supplied with test certificate. 

(b) Panels supporting trolley on 2 wheels frame size 5 mt x 1.7 mt which is to be focused against sun occasionally.

(c) Inverter controller to convert DC power of low voltage to AC power of high voltage of 400 V, 3 phase power. It is highly advanced electronics technology with Variable Frequency Drive, Maximum Power Point Tracking and all types of protections and facilities.  
(d) submersible pump suitable for open well or bore well of 1 hp. 
Shipment volume 1.5 cu mtr. Pipe line, cables not included. It is commonly available everywhere. 
One container of 20 ft container take 20 such solar power plants with panels, trolley with wheels, inverters and submersible pumps. Total scope in the world 30 million solar pumps of 1 hp.


Model Number 1 HP Solar Water Pump

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