Tinytech Plants


We can dispatch the equipments within 15 days. If interested, please ask for proforma invoice with your requirement.

On 25-10-2015, we commissioned 3 kw solar water pump in my factory. It was giving discharge of 460 lit per minute at 11-00 am. After 4-00pm, it starts reducing discharge and at 5-00pm it stops. Total water lifting for the day is 150000 ltr. i.e.150cu mt. I have fitted 12 nos of high voltage panels of 250W each and fixed with ground. If I keep revolving, discharge will be 30% more. Head is only 8 mt. I used high efficiency submersible pump. So performance is excellent. This will go on working for almost 20 years automatically. So this is really blessing. Those farmers who have to lift water from river, lake, canal or shallow wells, such solar pumps are blessing. I can supply solar water pumping system up 10 kw with high efficiency submersible pumps which you can not find throughout India.

You can visit our factory for live demonstration of 10 kw solar power plant working for wheat grinding mill with revolving structure and 3 kw water pumping with fixed structure.

Important Note : If You Remove Pump, It Remains Solar Power Plant To Connect To Any Machine.