Tinytech Plants

Edible Oil Refinery

We present state-of-the-art Edible Oil Refinery that is designed using advanced manufacturing methodologies to impart several beneficial features to it. Designed in accordance with the industrial standards, our Edible Oil Refinery is known for giving high output consistently.

Specifications :
  • Main vessels
    • Two neutralizers
    • One bleacher
    • One deodorizer
  • These vessels are arranged by hanging on the first floor of the structure. Soap stock is collected in the soap pans located on the ground floor, below the neutralizer. These have steam pipe arrangement.
  • Steel structure size : 14ft x 14ft (i.e. 4.25m x 4.25m).
  • First floor is 9ft above the ground level.
  • To support the complete structure there are 8 columns of double channel.
  • On the first floor two filter presses are placed as well, while staircases are present on all sides of the structure.
  • The oil tanks of the refinery are accommodated near the ground, under the refinery and are required or the oil and bleached oil.
  • Tower is attached to the refinery and the ground, erected near the deodorizer.
  • Barometric condenser is present at 40âheight and used in the creation of high vacuum.
  • Neutralizer present with thermic fluid to heat the coil.
  • Bleacher has double pipe coil, where one is for thermic fluid and other for cooling the water.
  • Deodorizer has double pipe coil as well, with thermic fluid being circulated in both.
  • Steam ejection takes place from the stainless nozzles at the bottom.
  • Temperature gauge is present on every vessel.
  • Neutralizer has top open and conical bottom design.
  • Cooler has double pipe coil for cooling water.
  • All the vessels have dished ends on both sides.

Specification Of Refinery With Fractionation Process :
  • For fractionation process, chilling plant is provided that includes
    • Shell and tube chiller
    • Compressor
    • Motor
    • Pump
    • Condenser
    • Control panel box etc.
  • The Crystallizing unit which has chilling coil like the neutralizer
  • Filter press is present to separate palm olein and palm styrene

Dimensions :
  • Steel structure : 14 ft x 14 ft
  • Total space occupied : 30ft à 30ft (9m x 9m)

Parts :
  • Cooler
  • Thermic fluid boiler
  • Two steam generators
  • Vacuum pump
  • Water pumps
  • Oil pumps and refined oil

Pipeline Design (Connected As Per Refinery Requirement) :
  • Oil pipelines (yellow color)
  • Vacuum pipelines (blue color)
  • Steam pipelines (black color)
  • Water pipelines (white color)
  • Thermic fluid pipelines (red color)
  • Available with proper valves