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Palm Oil Mill Machinery

Palm Oil Mill Machinery

We are engaged as a Palm Oil Mill Machinery Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from Gujarat, India. The complete Palm Oil Milling Machine is designed after much development and it is the most appropriate plant for processing palm/fresh fruit bunches (FFB) for small palm fruit growers. We will send most appropriate offer to you for complete palm oil processing plant.

Includes :
  • Palm Fruit Stripper
  • Cooking Kettle
  • Nut Fibre Separator
  • Pounding Machine
  • Mechanical Screw Press

Attributes :
  • High capacity
  • Efficient performance
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Longer maintenance intervals

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Palm Fruit Stripper

Palm Fruit Stripper
Palm Fruit Stripper offered by us uses a simple mechanical process to separate the palm fruits from bunches. Beaters that are welded on four sides of revolving heavy square shaft are used for this.
  • Bunch gets thrown again and again on the revolving beater
  • Fruits get separated, falls down the screen and then collected by bottom conveyor. They are taken out from the outlet after getting screened. As for the empty bunches; they are pushed to the other end of the machines, automatically.
  • Suitable for stripping sterilized and non-sterilized fruits
  • Provides the fruits to two oil expellers
  • Stripping capacity : 2 to 3 tonnes/ hr

Cooking Kettle

Cooking Kettle
We provide Cooking Kettle that carries out the cooking of loose palm fruits using steam from the boiler. The kettle comes with jacketed bottom for optimum heating and some of the steam also mixes with the fruits to aid the oil extraction process. With the TINYTECH technology in this kettle separate sterilization is not required and gets done inside the kettle itself. After cooking, the fruits are sent to the expellerâs crushing chamber cage situated below.

Nut Fibre Separator

Nut Fibre Separator
The Nut Fibre Separator is an inclined cylindrical type revolving machine that is used for separating the palm nuts from fibers by hand. It has screens in various sizes from which the fibers escape, leaving the nuts behind. These get separated and are collected in the cylindrical screen and bottom respectively.
Uses :
  • Fibres are used as fuel in boilers
  • Palm nuts are used in palm kernel mills for extracting oil by cracking and crushing

Pounding Machine

Pounding Machine
Pounding Machine is used to beat the fruits and crush them into a uniform mixture comprising palm nuts and fibers that have palm oil. Beater shaft of the machine keeps revolving with the support of pulleys, B Belts and by 5 HP electric motor / 6 HP diesel engines. In the Pounding Machine or Palm Fruits Digester, the resultant mass is taken out from bottom outlet.

Mechanical Screw Press

Mechanical Screw Press
Manually operated Mechanical Screw Press is used to take out the oil from the pal nut and fiber mixture by pressing the screw till it goes into the cylinder cage perforated with many holes. The pressure causes oil to ooze out and it is collected by the bottom tray. There are two perforated cages that carry out the operation simultaneously to save time and avoid wastage.
  • Capacity : 40 to 50 kg of palm fruits per batch
  • Oil extracted : 25 to 30% palm oil is extracted, which is used as cooking oil

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