Tinytech Plants

Price List


S. No Description Rate Qty USD
1   Pressurized  steam sterilizer for palm bunches with 2.5 cu mt capacity cylindrical shape with top charging and side bottom discharge both manually. 3200 1 3200
2 Steam powered palm fruits stripper, beater arms type with bottom conveyor for palm fruits and hopper for palm bunches connected with sterilizer and discharge chute for empty bunches. 3100 1 3100
3 Palm fruits digester kettle 1000mm dia x 750mm height run by expeller shaft with steam jacketing system and stirrers inside 3000 1 3000
4 Palm fruits expeller crushing capacity about 1.5 tons per hour crushing cage size 230mm dia x 750mm long driven by steam power. 3900 1 3900
5 Oil clarifier tank capacity 2000 lit. 800 1 800
  Nut fiber separator with inclined screen cylinder with 1HP motor 1100 1 1100
6 Double cylinder double acting steam engine 20 hp 3300 1 3300
7 Water tube Yarrow type boiler suitable for biomass firing with 330 sq ft heating surface including economizer and superheater, test pressure 600psi,working pressure 150 psi complete with water level gauge set, pressure gauge, safety valve, fire grates, spark absorption box and 20ft chimney 1 set+ interconnecting pipe lines, valves, pipe fittings etc + water softening plant 13000 1 13000
8 Double cylinder Steam engine 20 HP connected with electromagnetic alternator 3 phase 400V, 7.5 KVA on common base frame for power generation 3800 1 3100
9 Palm fruits conveyor from stripper to digester kettle complete with drive and hoppers 1000 1 1000
FOB Indian Port 35500

Steamer Freight to West Africa Port

C&F to West Africa Port 37500