Tinytech Plants

Steam Power Plant

We are pioneer designer and manufacturer of Steam Power Plants for rural electrification and promoting independent rural industries for primary need of the people as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi ji. He has asserted that all the means of production of primary needs of the people must be in the hands of common masses. He also stated that we must learn the appropriate use of steam and electricity for humanity. Thus we provide you opportunity and freedom to produce your own energy at a fraction of the cost required by giant plants.

The Tiny Steam Power Plants need to be manually fed with wood or biomass for the boiler continuously. The electricity generated from this is easily used for driving motors in captive mode. If electronic inverter is used, then electricity can be converted from AC to DC and DC to AC and then grid feeding can be done.

Capacity :

  • Up to 10 kw

Specifications :

  • Single cylinder double acting steam engine
  • Power : 18 H.P.
  • Cylinder diameter : 4.5"xstroke 6"
  • Stephenson link reverse mechanism
  • Cylinder lubrication by hand lubricating pump
  • Drip lubricator for crosshead lubrication and 16" pulley
  • Water tube Yarrow type boiler
  • Appropriate for biomass firing
  • Insulated with cerawool
  • Heating surface : 140 sq ft
  • Components
  • Economizer
  • Superheater
  • Test pressure : 300psi
  • Working pressure : 160 psi
  • Water feed pump
  • Water level gauge set
  • Pressure gauge

Safety Valve :

  • Fire grates and 20ft chimney 1 set+ interconnecting pipe lines, valves, pipe fittings etc.
  • Alternator maximum capacity : 10 KVA
  • Single phase, 240V, 50Hz , 3 phase 440 V
  • Driven by steam engine using belts and pulleys
  • Shipment volume 7 m3

Benefits :

  • Ability to provide lighting to 200 homes
  • Can be owned privately or adopted by a village with 200 homes
  • Simple mechanism that can be learnt in 3 days flat
  • Quick and economical solution for green energy
  • Steam is produced by wood fired water tube boiler for the engine to drive the generator and make electricity
  • Battery bank is not needed so the maintenance cost of batteries is nil
  • Earns back investment very quickly
  • Cost-effective: Capital investment is US$10000/- which comes around to US$50/- per family only. Expense for distribution cable to 200 homes is extra.

Usage :

  • As per decision, the power house can be run in the evening for 4-5 hrs
  • If someone requires light after the closure, they can charge it at home using keep rechargeable battery light
  • Suitable for agricultural purposes like
    • Oil milling
    • Rice hulling
    • Grain threshing
    • Flour grinding
    • Water pumping