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Pio Sugarcane Juicer Machine

This revolutionary machine will provide fresh sugarcane juice throughout India through 2 million fresh sugarcane juice centers. 20 million people will get direct employment. So this is really sacred activity making entire population happy.


Advantages Of Sugarcane Juicer:

  • It will improve health of the people considerably. Diseases can be cured. Malnutrition will disappear. Expenses on doctors and medicines will reduce considerably. Contribution of this Pio mini sugarcane juicer machine to maintain health of the society will be more than what doctors contribute to improve the health of the society.
  • Economic condition of sugarcane growing farmers will improve considerably. This revolutionary machine will provide more than double the prices of sugarcane which farmers get from giant sugar factories.
  • Prosperity of villages will increase. This revolutionary machine will increase the wealth of villages.
  • Sale of hazardous soft drinks will reduce considerably. On the whole people will become happy and prosperous. So running a fresh sugarcane juice center is humanitarian service and pious activity. Daily profit may go up to Rs.5000/- to 10000/- per day.


Pio sugarcane juicer is a popular brand machine for home use as well as suitable for juice vendors. Weight of the machine only 40 kg. It runs by single phase power and produce 250~300 glass of juice per hour. Easy to handle, easy to clean, almost zero maintenance. Machine construction is by SS 304 and rollers are made of SS 316.

Ladies can start small business from home and amount. 2000~5000 Rs. per day can be earned.


Instructions For Care Of Juicer (Longer Life Of Juicer):

  • Never try to crush two sugarcane sticks at a time by opening cover, as electric motor may burn due to overload.
  • Do not double crush the sugarcane.
  • 3. After 15~20 minutes of continuous working, stop machine for some time to give a little rest to the electric motor.
  • Don't try to close or cover the machine from bottom.


Tips For Better Hygiene:

  • Wash sugarcane thoroughly by a brush with running water before crushing.
  • You must buy betel nut cracker to cut sugarcane into pieces. Both ends of sugarcane stick should be cut and remove.
  • Adding lemon to sugarcane juice increases life of juice and also helps in maintaining the natural color of sugarcane juice for longer time.
  • Wash machine if not to be used for some time.
  • Machine should be washed thoroughly by water at the end of the day or when not to be used.
  • Wash the rollers with hard brush to clean it thoroughly.


Features Of Pio Sugarcane Juicer:

  • Very compact and sturdy design.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Three food grade stainless steel rollers.
  • Single time crushing with 3 rollers extract maximum juice in only one time passing (no need to crush second time).
  • Easy to clean by water.
  • All parts made of stainless steel, no fly or bee can touch the juice and no human touch to juice.
  • Runs on 0.5 HP electric motor on single phase.
  • Machine dimensions 18" x 7" x 14" (L x W x H).
  • Weight of the machine is only 40 kg.
  • Crushing is done only once. No second crushing required.
  • It crushes 120 kg sugarcane giving 300 glass of juice each of 250 ml.
  • Works on 1/2 HP single phase electric motor which is housed in the juicer cabinet.

Additional Information

Payment Terms T/T

Model No.

Roller Diameter

Roller Length

Crushing Capacity

Motor H.P.

Pulley R.P.M.

Crusher R.P.M.


260 mm.

280 mm.

1600 Kg/hr





235 mm.

240 mm.

1250 Kg/hr






200 mm.

1000 Kg/hr




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