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Tiny Oil Mill Machinery

We are a prominent Tiny Oil Mill Machinery (Tinytech Oil Mill Machinery) Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier, bringing forth an expert innovation within your reach. Our Tiny Oil Mill Machinery is useful in crushing various types of edible/inedible oilseeds and produces filtrated oil that is purer, clearer, and more natural than the oil extracted through other oil mills in the market. Apart from this, we also design Tiny Oil Mill Machinery as per the requirement provided by the clients. Presently, our Tiny Oil Mill Machinery is working successfully in 85 countries.

Salient Features of Tiny Oil Mill Machinery :
  • High oil yield due to advanced worm sequence in the chamber cage
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Consumption of diesel : 1.25 l/hr
  • Simple technology for easy operation (a person with 3 days of training can run this)
  • Informative DVD made available that explains the following
    • Components
    • Assembling and dismantling
    • Operation
    • Maintenance

    The Expeller is a major component of the Oil Mill that crushes the oilseeds to produce oil and oilcake. Here are the details and features :
    • Chamber cage gets opened when chamber halves are tilted. This removes the drudgery weights of the clamping bars and chamber halves.
    • The oil pump comes integrated in the expeller, eliminating the need for separate pump
    • During the operation of the expeller, the cake thickness can be adjusted. An exclusive feature in the oil machinery, this helps in finding and adjusting an optimum point for the cone
    • Readymade foundation frame is made available so that mill operation can start within 24 hours. It also makes moving the machinery much easier.
    • Expeller construction is made sturdier and more hardwearing by the presence of 6 taper roller bearings. Ball bearing are not used. Thus, the structure of the expeller also becomes very compact, making it easier to transport the machinery in the remotest locations/landlocked countries.

    Functioning :
    • Palm Nut Cracker : Used to break the nuts to separate the kernels and husk. This runs on motor with 2 H.P.
    • Cooking Kettle : Carries out heating and cooking of the kernels/oilseeds using stem or electricity. It is mounted on and driven from the expeller. To facilitate the process a little water is added to the material, taking it moisture content to an optimum level.
    • Boiler : Produces steam for heating by burning husks/wood or agro waste. On the boiler a water feed pump is mounted and if an electrical kettle is used instead then there is no need for any boiler.
    • Neutralizer : Driven by a 1 H.P. Motor, this is used to remove free fatty acids from cottonseed oil by the addition of caustic soda. This can be added using the steam coils inside.

Specifications :

Name of Equipment Capacity Net Wt Volume CU. MT.
Oil Expeller 125 Kg / hour 500 Kg 1.60 Cu. mt.
Cooking Kettle 125 Kg / hour 150 Kg 0.70 Cu. mt.
Filter Press -16" X 16" - 12 Plates 200 Lit. / hour 450 Kg 0.80 Cu. mt.
Baby Boiler 50 Kg steam / hour 260 Kg 1.00 Cu. mt.
Groundnut Decorticator 300 Kg / hour 200 Kg 2.80 Cu. mt.
Sunflower Cracker / Palmnut Cracker 300 Kg / hour 65 Kg 0.30 Cu. mt.
Copra Cutter 300 Kg / hour 200 Kg 0.60 Cu. mt.
Neutraliser 300 / 1000 Ltr / batch 180 / 450 Kg 1.0 / 3.0 Cu. mt.

% Oil Extraction of Different Oil Seeds :

Palm Kernal 36 kg
Sesame 50 kg
Rapeseed 37 kg
Mustard 35 kg
Lin Seed 42 kg
Cotton Seed 13 kg
Soyabean 14 kg
Palm Fruit 20 kg
Groundnut Kernel 42 kg
Castor Seed 36 kg
Sunflower 32 kg
Copra 62 kg
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Groundnut Decorticator

Groundnut Decorticator
We provide Groundnut Decorticator which is used to efficiently shell the groundnuts into husks and kernels. While the husks are separated and blown by an in-built air blower, the kernels get separated by screening into split and whole kernels. Our Groundnut Decorticator is specially designed to carry out this whole purpose without any breakage.
  • Runs on : 2 H.P. Motor
  • Capacity : 100 kg groundnut processed to give about 73 kg kernels and 27 kg husks

Sunflower Cracker

Sunflower Cracker
We manufacture Sunflower Cracker that is used to break the seeds and is used to produce a mix of kernels and husks required for crushing. Our Sunflower Cracker is highly demanded due to its efficient performance by worldwide clients.
  • Runs on : 2 H.P. Motor

Copra Cutter

Copra Cutter
Copra Cutter made available by us is suitable for breaking of copra cups for crushing. The pieces produced thus are very small and suitable to be processed in the expeller.
  • Runs on : 5 H.P. Motor

Filter Press

Filter Press
We design and manufacture cutting-edge Filter Press that is used for filtering the oil by processing a large volume of various oilseeds. Our Filter Press is widely known for the production of edible oil that is completely natural, pure and fresh.

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